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American Horror Story Fic Exchange
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American Horror Story Fic Exchange
Welcome to Round Four of the AHS Fic Exchange!

Round 1, 2, and 3 were full of amazing ficcy goodness. Now that Season 3 has started we decided that now is the time for another round of fun.

An easy explanation to what we're on about here is a bunch of incredibly motivated and talented fic writers gathering together to share our collective talent by writing stories for one another in an exchangy-like way.

The mechanics of the exchange are explained thusly: Fellow fangirls sign up using a template (a registration form), stating what kind of gift she would like to receive and what she's comfortable writing herself. Then the requests are paired up by the mod, a deadline is set and everyone creates a gift. Once they are done - the fics are emailed to the mod and then she posts the gifts after the deadline to the enjoyment and fangirly squeeing of all.

If you are thinking about signing up but aren't sure - you should read A Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges by Someone Who Knows written by flyingcarpet for common sense understanding of what your mod (and fellow participants) expect of you when you commit to play.

Exchangey Rules for your Perusal:
1. The format for your fic request will be outlined in the sign-up post. Please follow it. If at all possible, it would be best if the requests lean to the general side of the spectrum - not TOO specific - but keep it fun too. No one wants to fall asleep with their super boring (and unhelpful) prompt.

2. All fics must be at LEAST 1,500 words in length, edited, and properly coded. It is your responsibility to have your story beta'd (looked over by a reader to spot everything from story/craft issues to proofing and grammar) and coded properly at the time of submission. This includes the proper html and LJ-specific coding. If you don't know how to do this - ask the mod - she's awesome and she's here to help you!

3. I know we're all so awesome that I don't even NEED to say this - but PLEASE respect your recipient's wishes. If they want a happy ending - give them one. If they want everyone to die... call them Ryan Murphy and give it to them! If they don't want adultery or murder - don't write adultery or murder (though they may want to reassess their choice of fandom). If you are not happy with your assignment, please tell the mod right away. It's much easier to simply give you a new assignment and reassign yours to someone else than it is to scramble to find someone to replace you at the last minute (and scrambling makes the mod cranky - so just DON'T!)

4. Of course, each story must be the original creation of the participating writer. Plagiarism is bad, y'all.

5. Like previous rounds, this Fic Exchange is an Anonymous one... at least until the Masterlist is posted. You won't know who you're writing for so if you have questions regarding the prompts or your giftee's preferences, contact the mod and she will contact them and then forward the answers to you. It's a no-brainer - but PLEASE don't post your fic publicly until the exchange is over.

6. You do not have to be a LiveJournal or Tumblr user to participate, but you do need a valid email address so I can contact you and you kinda sorta need to check it more than once and a while. Communication is key for a successful exchange!

Official Exchangey Dates:

Sign Ups: October 31st - November 08th

Assignments Emailed: November 9th

Dealine: December 20th

Posting will proceded over the days following the deadline (for a Happy Christmas for everyone).
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